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Medterra Fast-Acting Relax Now Gummies

Medterra Fast-Acting Relax Now Gummies


Relax now with a fast-acting gummy utilizing proprietary advanced nanotechnology for a quick calming effect, felt in less than ten minutes. Advanced nanotechnology delivers a soothing, science-backed fusion of premium CBG, amino acids and herbs directly into the system to relieve tension and soften your body's stress response for peace and quiet within.

Next time life throws you a curveball, you'll be prepared. Our fast-acting gummies are made to provide calming effects in less than ten minutes thanks to advanced nanotechnology (that's science speak for supercharged absorption) so that stress-reducing CBG, I-theanine, mind-quieting GABA, and nourishing skullcap can soothe and steady the system- stat. Add all-natural fruit flavors to the mix, and you've got backup that tastes as good as it feels.

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