Organic Rose Hydrosol 4.0oz

Organic Rose Hydrosol 4.0oz


500mg Hemp-Derived CBD (4.0oz)


The Rose Hydrosol is a luxurious topical spray and aromatherapy mist. Organic Damask roses and CBD work synergistically to tighten, tone, relieve inflammation associated with acne and balance the pH of the skin. Since Damask Roses have the highest vibration of any flower on this planet (320 Hertz), Rose essence is prized for its abilities to beautify the skin, lift energy and calm senses, promoting a sense of overall peace and wellbeing. Infused with a Rose Quartz Crystal, the stone of unconditional love.



Organic Rose Otto Steam Distilled from Damask Roses, 500mg Organic Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol, Cleansed & Charged Rose Quartz Crystal


Product Size: 4.0oz

Strength: 500mg Pure Hemp-Derived CBD