Proper Hemp Co CBD+Curcumin Pain Relief Softgels 30ct

Proper Hemp Co CBD+Curcumin Pain Relief Softgels 30ct


Count: 30 ct.


25mg of CBD and 10mg of highly bioavailable Curcumin, formulated using our Nanoemulsified delivery system. Learn more

We’re proud to offer our natural number-one selling product as an alternative to traditional over-the-counter pain relievers.

When you combine the benefits of Proper’s broad-spectrum & nanoemulsified CBD and Curcumin blend you can relieve daily and chronic aches and pains. Like a traditional NSAID, take Proper Hemp CBD + Curcummin Pain Relief Softgels one to two times a day for a relief alternative that is actually good for your liver. * Bundle it with our Proper Hemp CBD joint cream for fast-acting effects on difficult and long-lasting injuries.

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