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Sleep Patch 25mg 3 Count

Sleep Patch 25mg 3 Count


25mg CBD and 8mg Melatonin in each patch

Made in the USA

Contains Magnesium, chamomile and lavender

Transdermal application with speedy effects

3 patches per pouch


Transdermal CBD patches have become all the rage. They offer an incredibly convenient way to take CBD in the evening; simply apply the patch before bed and rest while the patch goes to work. This sleep-aid patch goes above and beyong, delivering more than just CBD. We have also addded melatonin, lavender extract, and magnesium, three compounds that promote sleepiness. Through the use of natural ingredients, these patches may help you drift off to sleep quickly and regulate your sleep-wake cycle. 


How to Use the CBD Sleep-Aid Patch

For best results, you should apply the patch to an area of "soft skin", which means an area with less muscle tissue blocking the blood vessels. The abdomen and inner arm are preferential areas. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the area, removing any hair, and drying the skin. Remove the sleep-aid patch from the sealed pouch, then take off the clear lining. Firmly press the CBD patch onto your chosen area of skin, focusing on all four corners. Use the patch about a half an hour before going to bed to get the results you desire. 



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